The VroomLite Story

VroomLite began its life as E2 Lens Renew. Created by retired engineer Eric Meredith and his super star daughter Erica, VroomLite is the answer to the question "What can a father do to keep his family safe?"

When speaking with Eric Meredith, it becomes very clear, very quickly, that he is all about helping people. Limited visibility is a leading cause of vehicle accidents across the world, and VroomLite is a way to quickly, easily, and effectively make foggy lenses a non-issue. In a world where vehicle ownership costs have skyrocketed in recent years, VroomLite products help keep your vehicle safer, longer!

  • Eric Meredith


    Creator of the VroomLite Secret Sauce Formula, Eric brings years of experience and engineering talent to the VroomLite team!

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  • Erica Holloway


    An experienced marketer and a child of the information age, Erica is a customer connection wizard on the leading edge of an ever-evolving digital marketplace!

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  • Shawn Morrison

    Director of Wholesale & B2B

    A 37 year veteran of the automotive industry, Shawn brings his unique qualifications and experiences to VroomLite bridging the gap to the dealer and retailer worlds!

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