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VroomLite Headlight Restoration Kit Wholesale Pallet

VroomLite Headlight Restoration Kit Wholesale Pallet

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Wholesale Pallet = 40 Cases
Wholesale Case = 24 Kits
Wholesale Cost Per Kit = $21.99
Single Kit MSRP = $34.99

This Premium Headlight Restoration Kit is easy, clear, and most of all, IT WORKS! Our original patented formula along with our simple, easy-to-follow process will leave your headlights looking like new in just 10 minutes, 

Each Premium Single-Use Kit Includes:

  • VroomLite Secret Sauce
  • Clear Coat¬†Protectant
  • Cleaning¬†Cloth
  • Buffing¬†Towel
  • Clear Coat Applicator Sponge
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Our Simple-To-Follow Instructions
Note: This product removes automotive headlight oxidation. It will not repair lens surfaces that have been damaged by prior sanding, buffing, or chemical applications.
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